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Oblivious April 22, 2010

Filed under: Motherhood — Linnea @ 6:45 am

The other night I dressed Micah in a cute, new sleeper before putting him to bed. In the morning I was changing him when I felt something funny by his foot. I reached down into his sleeper and pulled out part of a plastic hanger. Apparently, it had broken off inside and I hadn’t noticed it when I got him dressed. It reminded me of the time I lost Sky’s toothbrush, then found it a couple days later in the foot of her pajamas, which she’d worn a couple nights in a row.

It makes me wonder how many other mistakes I’ve made recently but haven’t discovered yet. Is sleep deprivation enough of an excuse? All I can say is I’m glad kids are forgiving. And that they don’t remember much under the age of two.


4 Responses to “Oblivious”

  1. Aron Says:

    Aw, random bits of plastic stuck in odd places hardly count as parenting mess ups! If it had bothered Micah to sleep with a little extra hardware he would have spoken up. 😀 Just wait till he’s big enough to start stuffing weird things in his pockets himself! Who knows what you’ll find……You are a great mom, and stories like that are just memories that you and your little ones will stockpile to remind them how loved they are and how funny parents can be sometimes.

  2. Mom Says:

    I won’t tell you everything that happened to YOU before you were two… You turned out really well despite it all.

    I love the photo of Micah. He’s developing the Skylar trademark cheeks! Love it!

  3. TLC- Momma C Says:

    There are so many new motherhood stories I could tell on myself that end with “what was I thinking?”. With each one I could see God’s grace or protective hand and now even laugh them. We can be our own worst enemy, being to critical of ourselves. It is times like these when we share with fellow mothers, girlfriends, etc. that help us to see the humor in our faux pas and most importantly, that we are not in the boat alone. I agree with Aron that you are doing a great job with your new role as a mother!

  4. Jen Says:

    What a precious honey! Look at those cheeks. He doesn’t seem to mind at all there’s a bit of hanger in his jammies. Aron’s right, soon he’ll be stuffing all sorts of things in there himself. The complaints I’d hear if Hank could talk. And he’s only a pet and I don’t dress him :) He is clamoring for a walk, though. Kiss those cheeks for me.