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Insecurity April 26, 2010

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“Don’t allow yourself to live at the mercy of our culture.” I drove home Saturday with Beth Moore’s words in my head. Adam had given me the day “off” and I’d spent it with his mom and sister at our church, one of the host sites for Beth Moore’s simulcast on insecurity.

Beth spent most of the day describing what a godly, secure woman looks like. This woman is free to focus on others because she’s not preoccupied with how she looks, how she’s coming across, or what people might think of her. She’s not easily offended; she understands God’s grace in her own life and she quickly extends that same grace to others. She has a certain peace about her that comes from her identity. When God says she is His dearly loved child (Eph. 5:1), she takes him at His word and lives like it. She doesn’t need others to fill her cup because God has already done it for her.

By the time Beth reached her last point, it almost went without saying. A truly secure woman in our American culture is not typical – she is exceptional. According the Bible, believers are supposed to be different from nonbelievers. God says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, that His grace is sufficient for whatever hardship we face, and that we are more than conquerors in Christ. If I believe what He says, then why do I so often feel anxious, irritated, and exhausted? I don’t know that there’s a simple answer to that. Each one of us is a unique combination of God-given personality, past experience, and current circumstances. I don’t have the ability to analyze myself accurately. All I know is I have plenty of room to grow and I at least want to be sure I’m moving in the right direction.

Beth pointed out that a secure woman doesn’t get that way on accident. When insecurity creeps in and threatens to overwhelm her, she must intentionally put off her old self and put on her new self. She can’t wait until she feels secure. She needs to renew her mind with scripture first and then act on it, trusting her emotions will line up with her decision to live securely in God’s arms.

As I drove home my mind was on Sky and Micah. I don’t want my children to watch me go to church, read my Bible, and then live just like everyone else in the world. Not after all God has done for me.

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.” – Deuteronomy 33:12


6 Responses to “Insecurity”

  1. Childless and praying Says:

    I pray for you and your family daily. You are well on your way to becomming a godly secure women. Knowing God and becoming secure in His love and becoming secure in who you are in Him takes time. We each keep growing until we see Him face to face. Each day presents us with challenges and goals and that is why each day we reach out to Him and rely on His strength. He is our teacher, our guide. It is in Him we find our identity. You know this and are in the process of living it. You teach your children everyday to love Jesus. Just by your desire to be the women Beth Moore discribes, the women The Bible describes, is an indication that you are well on your way.

  2. nicki Says:

    So, I’m on a flight going home from chicago, and I just wanted to say thanks for this reminder/challenge/encouragement. I attended a session today on moving from a manager to a leader. Some good points were made, but none as powerful and accurrate as yours. Thanks.

  3. Nelson Says:

    great post. i wonder the same thing a lot. why do i feel so bad when i am doing so good? i guess there are lots of answers…in AA, they would say i am relying on myself or that i am afraid. i guess they are one in the same…i am afraid that trusting God entirely might be too hard, so it’s back to trust in myself, i fall short, and then come anxiety, fear, and stress. i have been thinking a lot lately about power. why are so many of us Christians devoid of the power that we claim Christ offers? sounds like the Beth Moore study IS the thing to be pondering considering it’s a slow process and most likely just takes time. i love you guys and heard through the church that you sent me something! thank you! thank you! GOd is generous! and so are you! looking forward to seeing you in Afterglow…

  4. Jen Says:

    I came to post, but it’s just about word for word what Nelson said. God is teaching us all.

    You are beautiful with your babies. I’m sorry to say, exhaustion looks good on you. Just think when you get some sleep. Rehhrr!

  5. jess fouche Says:

    Love it- thanks for sharing this Linni!! I am in Beth Moore’s study ‘breaking free’ right now and it’s so good and challenging and TRUE. Love your heart. I so want to be one of the woman she’s describing…

  6. jo Says:

    This is really good. I needed to read this today (Its been one of those days…) Your words and the Lord’s have really refreshed me. Thank you!